About us

Founded in 2009 by Gérard Compain and Christian Fluhr, GEOLSemantics is a publisher of innovative software in the world of information technologies and communication and particularly in the domains of linguistics and semantics.

The solutions of GEOLSemantics analyze the contents of texts to identify, normalize and structure the relevant data contained in texts to make them directly usable by automatic processes bringing the answers suited to the business objectives.

The excellence of GEOLSemantics is based on the experience of a team made up of specialists understanding linguists and IT specialists, adding up to more than 150 men / years of experiences in the domain.

Christian Fluhr and Dominique Orban de Xivry are the leading manager of the company.

Christian Fluhr is also the Scientific director.

He has a robust expertise of more than 40 years in the field of linguistics which makes of him a recognized specialist. His knowledge and rare skills are essential in the design of the offer and the realization of the projects. His pragmatism allowed him to manage an information department (economic, legal intelligence) in one very large company.

Dominique Orban de Xivry also manages another company specialized in Data Governance. He previously created a company in charge of the management of the daily publications of the European Institutions (www.europa.eu). His entrepreneurial experience combined with his expertise in the field of Big Data for several years are essential assets in the solutions proposed by GEOLSemantics.

The vision

To become a daily reality, the digital revolution has to integrate the information contained in texts as a full component of the automated information systems.

Indeed, texts are the main source of our information: more than 60 % of the useful information professionally is under textual shape. The massive growth of the quantity of texts under various electronic forms (web pages, brief messages, documents), result of the digitalization of the activities amplifies considerably the necessity of mastering texts.